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Daily life can be filled with pressure, stress and situations that have the potential to cause anxiety and other mental health-related conditions.

How does stress & anxiety manifest in your life? 

  • Through work? (overload, work relationships, feeling "out of control")

  • Information overload? (news, gossip, social media)

  • The cost of living?

  • Multiple competing priorities? (work, parenting, caring, social)

  • Worries related to climate change?

  • Health concerns (for either yourself or others)?

  • Personal relationship challenges and family demands?

The above list is far from exhaustive, although they can all be exhausting!


The truth is that stress exists. It has always existed, will always exist and is not, in itself, inherently bad (at the right dose and at the right time).  But in recent years it certainly feels as though the number of stressors in our lives (many of which are unnecessary) have increased significantly, resulting in greater levels of anxiety and exacerbating (or even causing) chronic pain for some individuals.

Excessive, unmanaged stress can lead to depression, burnout, physical illness, a range of mental health conditions and an overall feeling of being overwhelmed or not able to cope. The current stigma in our society about not being able to talk openly about our own mental health adds to the challenge.

By learning to recognise what causes stress & anxiety in your life and how your body reacts to these triggers, combined with meditation practice and other techniques & tools, you can learn how to manage your stress effectively, reduce or eliminate feelings of anxiety, manage chronic pain and improve your overall well-being? In short, these practices can improve your quality of life, and lead to a life filled with more joy, kindness & compassion.

Our Stress Management for Managers program is a great place to start.

Gary Reynolds Bubbling Lotus founder
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