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Mindfulness - Beach

Access Group Intro Session

Discounts & Free Practice

Thank you for attending the Mindfulness & Meditation Taster session. Hopefully you found it useful. Attending a full MBSR course is a great way to continue to build your mindfulness skills and to help you better manage stress, anxiety & chronic pain in both the workplace and in life in general. As a reminder, here are the 30% discount codes:

  • MBSROCT30 - for the course starting on Tuesday 31st October at 6:45pm

  • SRLJAN30 - for the course beginning Monday 8th January at 6:45pm

To book your place, simply browse to our Classes page.

Both courses run for 8-weeks (at the same time each week), with each session roughly 2.5 hours in length.

We hope to see you there! Here's your free guided meditation....

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