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How Can Stress Show Up?

Palmer & Dryden, 1985

Stress can show up in many different ways for different people. Some people may experience a few symptoms that show up in a relatively mild way. Others may have more symptoms, some of which can be severe.

The important thing is that you, as an individual, recognise how stress manifests for you. This allows you to spot the signs earlier and use the mindfulness techniques you have learned to better manage that stress and reduce the longevity of the stress symptoms you are experiencing. Over time, and with practice, many of your stress-related symptoms can cease altogether.

Here are some of the ways in which stress can affect us:

Interpersonal ways that stress can impact us
How stress can affect thoughts
Images associated with high stress
Physical sensations associated with stress
How stress affects emotions
Behaviours associated with stress
Biological changes when stressed
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