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Mobile App Courses - Anxiety & Stress Management for Managers, Leaders, Executives & Business Owners

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If you're looking for a self-study app you can download it and read more below...


The Bubbling Lotus Mobile App is designed for C-Suite Executives, Leaders, Managers & Business Owners looking to learn how to manage stress & anxiety and improve focus, productivity, creativity & their relationship with others through the more independent study of mindfulness & meditation via e-Learning courses on a mobile or tablet.

Our aims are to help you feel happier, calmer & more content, improve key relationships with others (at work & at home), be more focussed & productive at work and feel more balanced & in-control.

Through our mobile app courses, you will:


  • Identify your stress triggers & responses and explore why your brain works the way it does

  • Learn short coping strategies for times when you feel stressed or anxious (at work or elsewhere)

  • Learn longer mindfulness & meditation practices to build your capability to be calmer, more focused and more mindful.

  • Discover how to integrate mindfulness into daily life.

  • Explore the role that Mindfulness has to play in fostering and maintaining positive relationships with others.

Our courses include teachings & practices from the evidence-based 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course.


You can access these courses either through the Mobile App (recommended) available on both iOS and Android or through our Academy web portal. See links above.

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